Today in the city Princeton 23.11.2017
1.5 million people signed up for a brutal 5-hour test to land a coveted government job in China

1.56 million people have applied to take China's five-hour civil service exam this year. The exam is the first step in getting a coveted government job, known as a "iron rice bowl" because of the...

Fear over healthcare locks Americans in jobs – and throttles creativity | Jonathan R Goodman

What could and should make America great is the freedom to follow one’s dreams – not stay trapped in a cubicle, paralysed by fear Millions of Americans are stuck in what some economists call “job-lock...

Princeton's Involvement With Slavery

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Princeton history professor Martha Sandweiss about her new project drawing on archival documents to tell the story of the university's relationship with slavery.

How donating money can actually make you happier

Peter Singer explains how donating money to strangers can actually make you happier. Singer is the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values at Princeton Universit...

I visited a clinic that offers infusions of a 'party drug' for people with depression — and it wasn't at all what I expected

Ketamine — widely used legally as an anesthetic and illegally in club settings — is emerging as a potential new treatment for some types of depression. Researchers have called it "the most...

Princeton Digs Deep Into Its Fraught Racial History

Two years after debate over Woodrow Wilson rocked campus, the Princeton and Slavery Project is unveiling new research into the university’s uncomfortable past

Bruce Bartlett's 6 favorite political books

The Emerging Republican Majority by Kevin Phillips (Princeton, $31). Arguably the most influential book on political science ever written. Published in 1969, Phillips' book perfectly forecast the Rep...

Ford's $1 billion self-driving car startup just acquired a major parts supplier

Ford's self-driving car subsidiary Argo AI has acquired Princeton Lightwave, a LiDAR producer, in a move to take ownership of its supply chain, which is becoming more common in the autonomous vehicle...

Argo AI And Ford Double Down On Lidar, Acquire Princeton Lightwave

Ford automated driving subsidiary Argo AI acquires Princeton Lightwave and its Geiger-mode lidar technology to help advance commercialization

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